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Growing Sod

TGS grows many types of high quality grass. We put in the time and dedication to grow sod in large quantities. Our team spends countless hours to make sure the sod you receive is the best that it can be. Sod is a perishable good and should be installed soon after harvest. We keep a fresh stock at our retail locations for your conviencience.

We are members of the Oklahoma Sod Producers Association (OSPA) and Turfgrass Producers International (TPI)
Ray & Patty Volentine

Ray and Patty started a landscaping business in 1953. At first they installed sprinkler systems to local homes. Ray saw a need for sod in the area and bought a 15 acre lot to use for sod production. This became the first sod farm in Oklahoma. Over the years their small operation turned into a thriving business now employing close to 50 workers and growing over 1,400 acres of sod. Still family owned today Tulsa Grass & Sod is among the best sod growers in the country providing local customers with the best product available.

Ray Volentine Sr. was inducted into the Turfgrass Hall of Fame at Oklahoma State University in 2006