Certified Sod

Q: What does certified mean?

A: This means a much higher standard of care is given to the grass and ensures a pure product for the customer. Certified sod is inspected by the state a minimum of once a year; twice if harvested. This ensures that the sod is not contaminated with other variates of grass or noxious weeds.

Q: Why would I need certified grass?

A: Most of the time sports fields and large landscaping projects are created with a certified sod requirement by the landscape architect. This also applies to residential homes as well. Remember, certified means high-quality inspected and pure sod.

Certified Bermuda


This is a special variety proudly offered by us in this region. We live in a time when conservation is a top priority. This includes water conservation. Highly drought tolerant bermuda grass is an impressive feat on its own. However, it also has many other incredible traits. It has a fine texture and high density which makes it a great choice for high traffic areas. Great shade tolerance for bermuda and shorter dormancey. That means quicker greenup in the spring and it will stay green longer in the fall. Look at the difference below! Need more?

Certified Buffalo

Native Grass

When choosing Certified 609 Buffalo you know that the sod will be free of contamination. This is especially difficult when producing buffalo grass due to the time it takes for the spriggs to spread. Once the grass is ready to harvest it is very hard for contamination to invade the established Buffalo Grass. This makes it a great variety for those wanting a pure native grass that, once established is extreamly tough and low maintnence. Buffalo is a native grass to the area and is best suited for extreamly low maintnence areas. 609 requires less water, less fertilizer, and less mowing. It can accommodate poor soil conditions and survive drought conditions.